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Nonagon Oy is privately owned management consulting company serving customers in energy business.

Core expertise relates to pulp and paper mill site development,  power plant project development, project management and investment planning.

In addition project scope development and implementation planning and permit phase to the experience of daily operations are among competencies.

Expertise also relates to Large Complex Project development, implementation and risk management.

Our cross functional knowledge of related infrastructure will give additional value to our expertise.

Nonagon's strength in industrial and municipal applications is a knowledge of special features of combined heat and power (CHP) production. 

Biomass power plant concepts and knowledge of their technological and operational issues are among our core competences.

Customers will be served globally depending on their needs and in given time frame with a high quality of the information.

Expertise from Nonagon's external network will be connected to the project when required.

The main principle is the customer focus with a broad-minded and cross functional mindset.

We have confidential approach in all of our assignments.

You can contact Nonagon directly to

Mr. Juha-Pekka (Jussi) Juuti
President & CEO
Nonagon Oy


Phone                  +358 40 773 2067
E-mail                  jussi.juuti@nonagon.fi
Web  site             www.nonagon.fi

Nonagon Oy's office is located in Tampere Finland. Company's Registration Number is 2383246-7 (Finnish Y-tunnus)